1 year anniversary of Occupy the METI tent

September 11- Occupy the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (OMETI) tent celebrated its 1 year anniversary. On the same day, Noda administration announced their cabinet decision to setup new nuclear regulatory authority on September 19. 3 out of top 5 members of the new regulatory body seem to have a huge influence from the nuclear industry. Numbers of opposites have questioned the legitimacy of the Prime Minister's decision as the government pledged they will 'exclude people who have worked for nuclear power plant operators or related organizations as employees or executives over the past three years' from the members of new regulatory body. 


It was revealed that Shunichi Tanaka, the new chair man of the regulatory body, had attended the high level meetings to discuss the nuclear policies in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster. Appointed as the chair man of the new regulatory body, Tanaka is planning to visit Fukushima local government on September 13. While most people began to doubt the country's nuclear policies, the government still shows no reflection and is promoting nuclear power. 


On September 11, people form across the country who wish to stop the same tragedy from happening occupied the METI. A woman from Fukushima commented in the speech that 'I heard someone say "Koriyama is still, beautiful and like HELL" and other guy say "people living in Fukushima are constantly bitten by the invisible white snakes". Please help us evacuate the children from Fukushima'.


BLOGOS  12, 09, 2012

Supplementary reading- the article of Mainichi Shinbun Newspaper

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