Fukushima report Vol.3: Nursery school in Fukushima

Takenoko Nursery School, located in Fukushima city, had long embraced their principle of nursery focucing on playing using natural materials. However, since the nuclear disaster, the children in Fukushima were no longer able to play in nature freely. To give children opportunity to play outside safely, Takenoko Nursery School started "Satellite Nursery" in October 2012 which the staff members drive children everyday to Yonezawa City in Yamagata prefecture, 50km away from Fukushima. According to the manager of Takenoko Nursery School, the expense of transport relies on the donations from their supporters.   


September 2- the children and parents of Takenoko Nursery School participated in the maintenance of the school building. While the staff members and the fathers worked on mowing around the school, the Takenoko children painted the shoe boxes with their mothers. The children looked enjoying painting and the adult members were very impressed by the way they used their brushes. From the next day, the children again started to play in nature freely using the shoe boxes they painted.

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