Fukushima report Vol.1: Miyashiro Temporary Housing Area

September 1- A member of World Network For Saving Children From Radiation visited Miyashiro Temporary Housing Areas, located at Northern part of Fukushima City. MTHA is utilized by the old refugees from Namie Town (20km away from Fukushima Daiich NPP). The temporal houses contain 59 households and 93 people, marking a high average age and the lowest age-range as mid-20s. 


Although one and half years are passing since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, still many people are living in temporary housing and not able to find their permanent place to live. Despite the fact that the legal limit of the duration of residence for temporary housing sets 2 years, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare extended the duration to 3 years on April 17. Many of the residents at MTHA confessed that they had a sense of extreme anxiety that they see their lives as unforeseeable due to the uncomfortable housing condition and unstable situation they had been experiencing since the nuclear disaster.


However, numbers of the residents admitted that MTHA is one of the most comfortable temporal housing areas in Fukushima. One of the residents said 'the manager of MTHA patrols every morning and checks the health condition of elderly residents constantly. This is not expected in any other temporary housing areas'. Majorities of the residents confessed 'we are afraid of moving to the next place. When we came here, we came alone. But, we got to know one another and built a community here. If we go somewhere else, we will be alone again'. The drastic changes in the environment seem to be a burden on the elderly, causing more pressure and stress.  


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