Kenzaburo Oe found an organisation for passing Anti-Nuclear Power Dependency Act

August 22- Kenzaburo Oe, a Nobel prized author, and his fellows announced the foundation of a non-government organisation for passing “Anti-Nuclear Power Dependency Act”, aiming at pushing the Japanese government into the abolition of nuclear power. The organisation was named “National Network For Legislating Anti-Nuclear Power Dependency Act”. The bill written by the National Network claims ‘the government should abolish nuclear reactors by 2020 or at latest by 2025’. Their proposal includes the banning of expansion of nuclear power and the regulation of the lifetime span of plants, which limits the duration of operation up to 40 years, with no exception.  


The National Network essentially suggests recycling energy as an alternative way of generating electricity after the abolition of nuclear power. The bill will be submitted by the end of this parliament term. Hiroyuki Kawai, a lawyer and one of the organisers of National Network, said ‘this bill would not have been created without the rising the Friday protest movement in front of the Prime Minister’s office’. Kenzaburo Oe also commented ‘the actions taken by the ordinary people will be vital to pass this Anti-Nuclear Power Dependency Act’.


Tokyo Shinbun Newspaper  22, 08, 2012

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