No Concession between Noda and Anti-Nuclear Demonstrators

Aug 22, 2012 - Prime Minister Noda met member of the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes 

for the first time since the weekly rallies in front of the prime minister's office started 5 month ago. The attending members raised their opposition to the restart of any nuclear power plants in Japan, pointing out that the Fukushima disaster has not been resolved yet, and we should never forget the incident and its victims. They also urged to retract its nomination of Shunichi Tanaka, who is seemingly pro nuclear power, to head the new nuclear regulatory authority. Noda, in response, only reiterated his decision to restart 2 nuclear reactors was to protect people's lives and he would take every measure to ensure their safety. He agreed to hold talks with the organizers to respond the growing scale of the protests every Friday drawing tens of thousands of people and opinion polls showing a majority of voters would like to end Japan's reliance on nuclear power.





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    solar or wind power man (Sunday, 02 September 2012 03:10)

    no more nuclear power plants in U.S! Japan had to be the example, but it can just as easily happen in U.S.