Fukushima Daiich, a white smoke from the vessel ventilation vacuum pump

Press Release (Aug 14,2012)
Status of TEPCO's Nuclear Power Stations after the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake (Daily Report as of 4:30 PM, August 14)


- At around 8:30 AM on August 14, a worker from cooperative company found a white smoke from the vessel ventilation vacuum pump*1 at the cesium adsorption tower temporary storage facility*2 at the outside of the central environment facility on the south side. We worked on digestion with a fire extinguisher immediately, and confirmed that the white smoke was stopped at 8:40 AM. At 9:17 AM, we reported to Tomioka fire department. At 2:20 PM, we received the judgment by the fire department that it was not fire. We replaced it to another unused vessel ventilation vacuum pump, and started up the pump at 2:50 PM on the same day. We will investigate the cause of the white smoke from the pump. For reference, there was no impact to the surrounding equipments, and no remarkable changes at the values of monitoring posts around the power station.

*1 Vessel ventilation vacuum pump
It is a pump which sucks the hydrogen caused by water radioactive decomposition in a vessel from the venting valve. Since the hydrogen generated in a vessel is minute amount, stopping of the pump would not cause safety hazard immediately.

*2 Cesium adsorption tower temporary storage facility
It is a facility to store the vessels which were used at the Cesium Adsorption Apparatus. There is no impact to water injection to reactor and accumulated water treatment.

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