Bärbel Höhn, a German Green politician, made a speech at the 7.29 occupy parliament action

Photo by Akira Kasai, a Japanese politician
Photo by Akira Kasai, a Japanese politician

Bärbel Höhn, a German politician for Alliance '90/The Greens, visited Japan and made a speech at the 7.29 human chain action at the parliament. She was astonished by the numerous amount of the riot police at the parliament while impressed by the organisation of 200,000 non-violent protesters. She commented on her twitter page on the 29th as follows: 


  • Gleich gehen wir gemeinsam zur großen Demo in Tokio gegen die Atompolitik der Japanischen Regierung.
    (Soon we'll go together to the big demonstration in Tokyo against the Japanese government's nuclear policy.)
  • Polizei ist total nervös und hat alles abgesperrt in Tokio.  (Police is very nervous and had everything blocked off in Tokyo.)
  • Demonstranten sehr diszipliniert. Buntes Bild. Unglaublich viel Polizei
    (Demonstrators very disciplined. I see colorful flags. Incredible amount of police.)
  • Die Politiker in Japan versuchen, die Anti-AKW Bewegung zu ignorieren. Das wird ihnen nicht gelingen.
    (The politicians in Japan are trying to ignore the anti-nuclear movement. This will not succeed.)

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