Unit 1-3 nitrogen supply equipment was stopped

Press Release (Jul 27,2012)
Status of TEPCO's Nuclear Power Stations after the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyou-Oki
Earthquake(Daily Report as of 4:00 PM, July 27)  


At 2:54 PM on July 27, we confirmed that there was no flow indication of Unit 1-3 nitrogen supply equipment (nitrogen gas separation apparatus A). Since we conducted the on-site investigation at 3:20 PM, we confirmed that this equipment was stopped. We confirmed the message "problem on compressor on 2:24 PM" and "severe problem on inverter" on site accordingly. We will investigate the cause of this stopping. For a reference, nitrogen injection to Unit 1-3 PCV was under operation without problem by the nitrogen gas separation apparatus B.


TEPCO News  27,  06,  2012

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