To talk about radioactive stuff is taboo in Fukushima, Chieko Shiina said to Mothers in California

The Santa Barbara Independent, an online news journal, reported on July 12, 2012 the visit of Chieko Shiina, a Japanese anti-nuclear activist, to Avila Beach, California, home of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. In the small gathering with local mothers, Mrs. Shiina said "to talk about radioactive stuff is taboo in Fukushima".


After the 3.11 accident, the Japanese government sought to discourage people's evacuation from the contaminated areas in various ways. The appointment of Shunich Yamashita as a radiation risk management adviser of Fukushima Medical University immediately after the nuclear disaster was considered to be an example of this policy. The lectures he gave to Fukushima residents, claiming radiation exposure of 100 mSv/yr is safe, led a majority of the families and children to remain in the contaminated areas. These speeches made by Dr. Yamashita gave a sense of relief to many parents that they do not need to abandon their hometown and leave for an unknown place, despite the warnings made by some volunteer groups such as Fukushima Network. However, after one year and four months, the reality is that still so many lives of innocent children are at great risk of radiation exposure partly due to a tacit consensus amongst people that they should not fuss about radiation.


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