Safe vegetables for children

'Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation' has been striving to protect children from radioactive substances. The children of Fukushima are concerned more with internal exposure than external exposure, particularly in two ways, through breathing and diet. Exposure through breathing can be prevented by wearing masks, while exposure through daily food and water is very difficult for majority of Fukushima residents to avoid. Despite the increasing concerns and fears of the mothers of Fukushima children, vegetables produced in the Western Japan is not available in Fukushima or often offered with extremely high prices at normal food stores. Moreover, the main concern of these parents has been the general products circulated in the market cannot be guaranteed radiation-free. since the government relaxed the safety standard for radioactive substance contained in food.


In order to overcome this situation, Fukushima Network established a vegetable shop "Hamoru" in November 2011 which supplies only non-contaminated and organic vegetables to the children in Fukushima. This vegetable shop relies on the contributions of the vegetable suppliers supporting Fukushima Network around the country, mainly from the Western Japan. Mieko Touyama, the manager of Hamoru, said 'many mothers of Fukushima visit the vegetable shop not only to buy safe vegetables for their children, but to talk with other mothers who share the same problems and fears about radiation'. 


--From "Tangara", monthly magazine of the Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation

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