The manager of the TEPCO's retailer told plant workers to cover their radioactive counter with a leaden plate, Asahi Newspaper revealed

It was revealed on July 21, 2012 that the manager of the TEPCO's retailer, which provides labour force into Fukushima Daiich Nuclear Power Plant for its recovery work, had told the power plant workers in December 2012 to cover their Alarm Pocket Dosimeter (APD) with a few millimeter thick leaden plate to reduce the gauge of their exposure dose indicated on the monitor. A few workers were interviewed by Asahi Shinbun Newspaper and admitted the use of leaden plate to cover their APD while the manager denied.


With a suspicion to violate the Industrial Safety and Health Law, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare started its investigation over the TEPCO's retailer. Industrial Safety and Health Law set 50mSv/year as the permissive exposure dose for plant workers. The workers with the exposure dose exceeded 50mSv/year cannot continue to work at nuclear plant. Below a £4200 fine or 6 months' penal servitude would be imposed on the workers for breaking this law.


The manager commented that 'everyone knows that the plant workers can be exposed only up to 50mSv/year. But, if we enter highly contaminated areas in Fukushima Daiich Plant, the expose dose goes beyond the limit immediately and the APD starts beeping, so that we cannot work for longer hours. We can only work at Fukushima Daiich Plant as long as 3 to 4 months at average. If we want to work there for a year, we need to manage to minimise our exposure dose by ourselves. Once my exposure dose goes beyond the limit, I suddenly lose my job and cannot find anywhere else to work'.


Asahi Shinbun Newspaper  21, 07, 2012

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