White balloons occupied, this week's Friday protests


90,000 people engaged in this week's Friday unti-nuclear protest in front of the Prime Minister's Office on July 20, 2012. Unlike the previous weeks, people who came up with white balloons occupied in front of the Prime Minister. Some media named these people with white balloons "White March".


The combination of protests and white balloons seems to refer to a historical context of two large protests in the past. These white balloons were used in the 1996 protest in Brussels Belgium against judicially authorities. In this protest 300,000 people filled the street with white balloons in their hands. In 2012 Russia, the protests against Vladimir Putin seeking to resume for the President was also associated with the white balloons. More than 100,000 people with white balloons engaged in nation-wide demonstrations to claim "anti-Putin" and fair electoral system.
On July 20, Mr. Yasuo Tanaka, the former prefectural governor of Nagano, planned a White March for the Friday protests thorough twitter and organised hundreds of white balloons. With these white balloons, parents, children, ordinary workers and non-partisan politicians protested against the reactivation of Oi Nuclear Power Plant.

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