Koriyama city secretly burying radioactive contaminated soil in children's parks and sports facilities

Large amounts of soil containing radioactive material after decontamination work have secretly been buried in 21 locations such as parks, sports facilities and riverbeds in Koriyama city without informing the residents. Both the Ministry of the Environment and Koriyama city have guidelines to set up a fence and a bulletin board (No Trespassing) for temporary strorage space for radioactive contaminated soil after decontamination work. However, the city did not only set up a fence and a bulletin board, but neglect to measure regular dose of radiation or to monitor radioactive material in underground water in the alleged areas. 
Concerned residents of Koriyama demanded to disclose the documents and found out the secret. The city is facing series of criticism from citizens as well as the City Council about the poor management of decontamination work and contaminated soil. The recorded conversation with the City Hall employee revealed that the city claims they do not see themselves responsible for decontamination work and not going to have time to plan a meeting to explain the situation to residents.
While the city has not been able to select the interim storage facility or the temporary storage area for contaminated soil they picked a place as "interim temporary storage place" which is considered "actual field stroage" and has already been approved both by the Ministry of the bulletin board or monitoring underground water in the area. Most of residents still do not have a slightest idea about this secret. Children in Koriyama are playing in those parks not knowing they are at great risk.
Toyo Keizai Online Journal  12, 07, 2012

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    Ryan (Saturday, 28 July 2012 20:34)

    What's so secretive about it?

    They are openly taking off the top layers of radioactive dirt and burying it. They do it in the day time, not at night.

    I don't know why you added "secretly" to the story. Oh, so it would be more interesting.

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    MB (Sunday, 29 July 2012 13:30)

    Thank you for your comment.
    Citizens of Koriyama volunteered to decontaminate radioactive soil believing it would be buried somewhere in a remote area, far from where they live. The word "secretly" was used since the City didn't inform the residents that they brought the soil back to their parks and sports facilities. The bulletin board only says that the area was decontaminated but doesn't say "contaminated soil brought back right here!!" Thanks to the concerned citizen. The truth came out.