Mr. Seki completed his Ash March

Mr. Hisao Seki visited TEPCO to hand over the sand he brought all the way from his home in Nihonmatsu Fukushima on July 17, 2012. Mr. Seki started his walk in early June with the sand he collected from the back yard of his house. Although the sand was contaminated with radiation, he carried it in his backpack all the way through in order to make it clear who actually polluted their soil at home. Mr. Seki and his fellow members of the Ash March arrived at Tokyo on July 15. July 16, they participated in a large scale demonstration at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. July 17, they started a short march from Hibiya Tokyo and arrived at the gate of TEPCO headquarters at 10:00 am. Unlike any of the previous marches, the Ash March was allowed to enter the office and meet 3 of TEPCO workers. Mr. Seki read his proposal letter, saying they must take the responsibility of the nuclear disaster and bring Fukushima back to what it was before, and gave back the contaminated sand to them. Although the meeting was held only for 20 minutes, it was the first time TEPCO headquarters opened its main gate to the people since the "3.11 accident". The number of the Ash March followers, although Mr. Seki started his march alone, reached to 20 by the end of the road. 


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