S.C. Edison held a meeting with local residents after the accident at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and S. C. Edison met with more than 300 local residents to explain what happened in the accident of seam generator at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant on January 31 2012, where radioactive gas leakage was detected. Japanese families that fled to California after the Fukushima accident were also engaged in the meeting.


Man at 01:49: They were first saying we had enough power, but suddenly they started saying 'unless we start saving electricity, we won't get through this summer'. So, they're saying exactly the same things as what the government and electricity companies in you-know-where are saying, and that's what really makes me angry. As a Japanese, when I see we have the same situation here as we do in Japan, it makes me think these nuclear power-related institutions seem to have the same constitutions everywhere in the world.


Man at 03:50: I think this question is only the beginning, because what he said now is just a superficial side of the story.


Woman: They're all going to be superficial.


Man: But, if people start asking pointed questions, they won't be able to answer.


Woman: Yea, that's likely to happen.


Man: We don't know what will happen with the regulation committee in Japan, so once the true facts come out and we start seeing contradictions, these superficial statements will start falling apart.



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