The lie of power shortage

KEPCO is suspected that the full opearation of Oi Nuclear Power Plant will allow them to halt 8 of their thermal power plants. According to the power demand forecasting of 9th July provided by KEPCO, the total electricity supply of 24.34 million kW, including nuclear power 1.18 million kW, will cover the demand of 20.8 million kW. KEPCO estimated that a part of operating thermal power plants could be shut down due to this electricity surplus. A resident of Osaka commented on this suspicion that 'this makes it clear that the KEPCO's theory of power shortage was a lie and the decision of restarting Oi Plant was therefore made for the corporate profit'. KEPCO has sent notifications to the households since last week saying 'planned blackout might need to be done in case of electricity shortage'. These notifications for saving electricity are concerned to be a "threat" that forces customers into the solution of the Nuclaer Power use. 

Akahata Shinbun Newspaper 09, 07, 2012

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