200,000 anti-nuclear protesters filled the street outside Prime Minister's office

Friday, June29, 2012
Friday, June29, 2012

The organisers of the anti-nuclear protests counted 200,000 people filled the street outside Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's office on the June 29, 2012.The protests outside Noda's office have been carried out every Friday since March 2012. The number of participants started to increase sharply since Prime Minister announced the re-operation of Oi Nuclear Power Plant on16th June. A few media described this growing anti-nuclear movement as "Hydrangea Revolution". The organisers analysed social medias such as Facebook and Twitter also helped boost the number of participants. Ulike the general mass protests in Japan that have been organised by the mobilised Union members, these demonstrations are truly held by the individuals, including numbers of city workers, mothers, children, who protested without any violence.

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