Mr. Seki leading the Ash March from Fukushima to Tokyo

Mr. Hisao Seki is leading the Ash March with his fellows all the way from his home in Nihonmatsu Fukushima to Shinbashi Tokyo where TEPCO is located. Mr. Seki, who carries the sand collected from the backyard of his house, said 'this sand became contaminated with radiation after the "3.11 disaster" and this radiation does not belong to us. So, I would like to bring this back to TEPCO'. According to Tokyo Shinbun Newspaper, a Geiger counter detected 0.27µSv per hour from this sand. The Ash March has been carried out for 7 days. Mr. Seki and other members will participate in a large scale demonstration planned to be held in Tokyo on July 16, 2012. They will also visit TEPCO on the 17th to hand over the contaminated sand.  

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