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Fukushima Meltdown 4 years later: Discussion of Dr. Gudersen and Chiho Kaneko, Iwate native (Fairewinds Energy Education)

From Fairewinds Energy Education


"Four years have passed since the tragic triple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants, and the hits keep on coming as massive amounts of radioactively contaminated water continue to flow into the Pacific Ocean and no solution exists for safely containing the ongoing accumulation of radioactive debris contaminating the prefecture.  Created in two parts, Fairewinds Energy Education presents you with a 5-minute retrospective followed by a 25-minute in-depth reflection on Fukushima Meltdown 4 Years Later. " - See more at:






Hotspots aplenty in "decontaminated" park in Koriyama and school route (with English subtitles)    4年目のホットスポット:開成山公園編/通学路編

Fukushiman Masa reports what he has found in his local park in the video in which he published with English subtitle. . 

Kaiseizan Park in Fukushima Prefecture is the most popular park in Koriyama City.

Decontamination has been done and the monitoring posts show a reading of

less than 0.3 mcSv/h. However, when measuring the radiation level, dosage of several times higher can be seen. We investigated the current situation of Kaiseizan Park which is facing micro hot spots; a phenomenon where even when decontamination is completed, mud builds and radiation level rises.


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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - 4 Year Anniversary        4 années après l’accident de Fukushima

Long and short 4 years have passed since the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima. We hear less and less about Fukushima these days, except March 11th. The massive earthquake and tsunami 4 years ago still haunt us. Two hundred fifty thousand people are displaced while 2,594 are still missing. The coastal towns near the nuclear plant remain deserted. Ongoing problems at the site won't come to the end anytime soon. It would take 3 decades or more to decommission the plant.

Recently, TEPCO admitted the leak of highly contaminated water (approximately 75 tons) to the underground but somehow not to the sea. Their "let's keep it secret unless discovered" attitude never changes. We don't believe that there was any leakage of the radioactive water into the nearby Pacific Ocean. This is the statement released by the company when a large amount of radioactive water has leaked from the power plant in Feb., 2014. 

Millions and millions of dollars are spent for propaganda to make the people and the parents believe that Fukushima is safe to live and return. We hear the message like "We'll reconstruct our  UTSUKUSHIMA!" all the time. UTSUKUSHIMA is Fukushima's nickname which means the Beautiful Island. Go to the website of Fukushima prefecture. The first thing you will see is the word, "Future From Fukushima" It is as if we are put in a bubble.

However, It seems an impossible dream to restore Fukushima in reality. Fukushima is destined to become the nuclear waste land. No one wants someone's garbage in your yard. Nuclear waste? Out of a question! As towns outside Fukushima reject a plan to construct interim storage facilities for nuclear waste both the central and local governments build such places inside Fukushima sometimes unannounced. 

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