"There is so much sickness and death that it cannot be considered simply as 'caused by stress'” : An emigrant from Kagamiishi takes notes about health problems.

Picture by Junko Honda. She used to think that she would be aging in her hometown, enjoying the nature, which she grew up with.
Picture by Junko Honda. She used to think that she would be aging in her hometown, enjoying the nature, which she grew up with.


Mrs. Junko Honda migrated from her native Kagamiishi, Fukushima prefecture, to Sapporo, Hokkaido, after 3.11. Although she was a successful beauty salon owner who ran two salons in Kagamiishi, she closed down the businesses in 2012 and moved to Sapporo with her husband and two children. Honda took a number of unusual health problems that had happened to her family members, including her teenage daughter, as a serious warning sign for radiation effect on health, and decided to leave everything behind to protect herself and her family. Everything literally means all she had: her successful business, her community ties, circles of relatives and friends. After struggling with emotional and economical difficulties, Mrs. Honda opened a new beauty salon in Sapporo in 2013. She has also been advocating for rights of disaster evacuees and immigrants in her new community.


She recently shared a note on Facebook, in which she had collected unusual symptoms that she had heard about, over the past three years. The nature of her profession as a hairdresser, who deals with many customers and has talks with them, sometimes leads up to issues on health and well-being. Thus she has had opportunities to hear personal stories that otherwise are rarely heard.


Honda says these stories are only some of the stories she has heard, but they are the ones whose veracity she has been able to ascertain.


WNSRC translated Mrs. Honda’s note to show how an ordinary citizen happened to face a series of health problems in Fukushima since the nuclear accident. The municipal and national governments have meanwhile advocated for the safety of living in Fukushima and encouraged former residents to go home.

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